Criminal Defense Lawyers for Child Pornography


Due to the growth of peer-to-peer file sharing technology, pornography is more accessible than ever. But that also means more spam, more phishing, and more viruses looking to latch on to unsuspecting internet users. An adult may be visiting a legal pornographic website or may mistakenly click on a wrong hyperlink. A malicious virus that has made its way into your computer without your knowledge can begin storing images or videos of child pornography. It can be an automated software, a sick prank, or a vengeful act. But whichever it is, when the police knock on your door, it’s the beginning of a hellish journey.

Possessing, downloading, or transmitting child pornography on a computer is a serious crime. Penalties include long jail terms and sex offender registration, which can ruin your life forever. If you are currently under investigation for possession of internet child pornography or have already been arrested and charged, you need a strong advocate on your side.

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What the Law Says

Under Kansas law, sexual exploitation of a child is any of the following: * Employing, using, persuading, inducing, enticing or coercing a child under 18 years of age, or a person whom the offender believes to be a child under 18 years of age, to engage in sexually explicit conduct with the intent to promote any performance; * possessing any visual depiction of a child under 18 years of age shown or heard engaging in sexually explicit conduct with intent to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires or appeal to the prurient interest of the offender or any other person; * being a parent, guardian or other person having custody or control of a child under l8 years of age and knowingly permitting such child to engage in, or assist another to engage in, sexually explicit conduct for any purpose described in subsection (a)(1) or (2); or * promoting any performance that includes sexually explicit conduct by a child under 18 years of age, or a person whom the offender believes to be a child under 18 years of age, knowing the character and content of the performance.

A Defense That Silences the Prosecution

Millions of computers are infected throughout the world each day, giving hackers access to complete control over your PC. This enables pedophiles to use your property to collect depictions of child sexual abuse, child molestation, child exploitation or nude photographs. The transfer take place instantaneously and once deposited on a hard drive, can be very difficult to remove. The first step to clear your name is to have an attorney on your side who is well-versed in these matters. We will pull apart all facts and explore every avenue of defense to free you.

Have You Been Set Up?

Child pornography charges can also stem from situations where an adult meets someone in an online chatroom, who is purporting to be an adult, and an exchange of photographs takes place. Unfortunately, Jessica’s Law and the tendency of most prosecutors to only see one side of the situation means that a proactive defense is essential. Do not ruin your life and your relationships with the mistake of choosing an inexperienced attorney. The Swain Law Office can help.

We Know What Is At Stake

There are many reasons a person can be charged with a child pornography crime without being guilty of it. Whatever the accusations are, Attorney Sarah G. Swain will make sure your rights are protected. The Swain Law Office, serves clients in the Kansas City metropolitan area and throughout the state of Kansas. The Swain Law Office is where you can turn to for aggressive, experienced legal representation. Time is of the essence. Call or contact us now for a free consultation on what your options are and what we can do for you.

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