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As a parent, one of the most horrifying experiences you can face is your child accused of being a juvenile sex offender. The confusion, the humiliation, and the disgrace can take the joy of life out of you for a long time. Teenagers lack the experience and maturity that comes with age. Sadly, a juvenile may find himself or herself charged with a sex offense, without even realizing they did anything wrong. But that may not even be the worst part. If convicted, the child’s record will be tainted forever.

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What the Law Says

A juvenile is not convicted by the Court, but is adjudicated, which is different in name only. Juveniles less than 14 years of age who are adjudicated of a sexually violent crime are required to register until 18 years of age, at the expiration of five years from the date of adjudication or, if confined, five years from release from confinement, whichever date occurs later.

Juveniles 14 years of age or more who are adjudicated of a sexually violent crime, are required to register for life.

For certain crimes, juvenile sex offenders can also be transferred to adult status in the court system, leading to harsher consequences. Juveniles accused of sex crimes such as date rape or sexual assault, are in serious trouble.

Devastating Consequences

Every school, college, employer, and landlord will be able to see that offense throughout his or her life. The social stigma attached to registration at such a young age can cause irreparable psychological damage.
Yes, the system can seem unfair. But there is hope if you act quickly. As a parent, you must proceed with a private counsel who has the dexterity to skillfully handle the law and prepare a solid case to prove your child’s innocence.


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