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In many ways, sex offender registration is more punishing to an accused than the actual time they are sentenced to serve in prison. If being on a public registry is worse than being in prison, it’s not surprising that a convicted sex offender feels like the walls are closing in from all sides, even when they’re trying to lead a normal life.

And although sex offender registry requirements are already severe, they are only going to grow more so with each passing year.

If you are convicted of a sex crime, Kansas law currently requires registration for a minimum of seven years with local authorities, everywhere you live or visit. As part of your parole or probation, you may also be required to wear a GPS tracking device, so that authorities can electronically monitor your whereabouts 24 hours a day. In fact, some Kansas legislators are now pushing a bill that would require bright green license plates on the vehicles of all convicted sex offenders.

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What the Law Says

According to Kansas laws, a sex offender must report 4 times a year to the registering law enforcement agency in the county where the offender resides, is employed, or goes to school.

An adult sex offender is required to register for 15 years, 25 years, or lifetime, depending on their crime of conviction. If the adult is convicted of a second offense that requires registration, the offender must register for life.
Even if the offender receives an expungement for the crime that he/she had been registering for, the obligation to register does not end.
An offender is required to report to the registering law enforcement agency all email addresses, online identities, online social networks, and any information related to any website.

Severe Consequences

In addition to social consequences and the possibility of threats against you, there is also the penalty you are likely to pay every time you disclose your sex offender status on a job application or for housing. And its not solely the accused who are distraught, but their loved ones too. The justice system seems to be designed to create failure, rather than facilitate success.

Any allegations of sexual assault, child molestation, or other sex-related crime that could subject you to sex offender registration demand an experienced and proactive defense of your rights.

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Don’t wait to act. The more you wait, the stronger a case will be built against you by the prosecution and investigators. Our lawyers will immediately begin a thorough investigation into the case and combat charges to help you avoid sex offender status.

If you are already a sex offender who is on parole and have mistakenly failed to fulfill the terms of your release, there may still be something we can do to help.

At the Swain Law Office, we believe that all persons accused of a crime deserve to have a dedicated attorney who will represent them and fight to fully defend their rights. Our practice specifically focuses on representing clients charged with any type of sex-related offense in the Kansas City metropolitan area and throughout the state of Kansas.

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