Notable Cases

State vs Robert Contreras

Attorney Sarah Swain’s client, Robert Contreras, faced a potential life prison sentence without parole under Jessica’s Law, accused of sexually molesting two minor girls on separate occasions. Investigation by Ms. Swain uncovered evidence that led to a complete dismissal of the case.

Douglas County Sodomy Case:

The possibility of life in prison loomed for a Lawrence man accused of aggravated criminal sodomy with a five-year old boy. Gaps in police investigation exposed by Attorney Sarah G. Swain thwarted the prosecution, and the jury acquitted her client.

State vs. Justin P. Gonzalez

A strong defense strategy prepared by Attorney Sarah G. Swain compelled the jury to be split right down the middle, in the case of Justin P. Gonzalez, accused of involuntary manslaughter of a war veteran. The judge declared it a mistrial.

State vs. James ‘Matt’ Dearman

Charged with the rape of a two-year old, James ‘Matt’ Dearman faced a lifetime in jail with no possibility of parole.  A last-minute, convincingly crafted motion by the defense led the judge to declare it a mistrial, even before the state’s first witness could be summoned.